B.Tech, MBA, Ph.D, M.Tech (Ph.D)

About Principal

Dr. Ravi Sankar Omkaram has 20 years of teaching and directorial experience for both UG and PG courses. He is presently working as Principal in Dr. K.V. Subba Reddy School of Business Management, Kurnool. He started his professional journey, unrelenting instantly after his studies and served, several reputed institutions in all hierarchical positions making his career graph steeper and steeper with no bends and his persistent efforts have culminated to this position. He is an approachable Professor who relates well to students and teaches with compassion and inclusiveness, helping them to engage fully in their learning.

As an educator for the post graduate Program, he teaches with the overlying themes to help students establish academic success. His role as an educator and principal is to teach life-long learning skills. Building on these themes, Dr. Ravi Sankar has injected enthusiasm, relevance and expectations of high performance into the Academic & Training curriculum. He has experience teaching both face-to-face and online classes. He uses technology to provide a rich visual experience by incorporating presentations and study aides with relevant to contemporary business issues. One outcome of his, excellent teaching within the academic & training program is a high passing rate on the university examinations and a strong national reputation, both of which create opportunities for post graduates and research scholars.

Students describe Dr. Ravi Sankar’s teaching as “innovative,” “creative” and “engaging,” but it is the personal connection he makes with them that sets him apart as a Professor. He relates to students as a Mentor, modeling the behaviors he wants to see in them in and outside of the classroom. In doing this, he pushes them to connect with their communities in hope that what they learn in his classroom will lead to a life of civic engagement. His presentations provide a clear path through complex materials, allowing students to master the material. His examples provide links to everyday matters to connect learning to common experiences.

He has been influential in setting the tenor of the institutions with his insightful remarks. He worked in several colleges in various capacities as a Head of the department, Controller of Examinations and Training & placement cell coordinator. He has been incessantly invited as a Guest lecturer for many other professional colleges. He has a great passion to present papers in various National & international seminars, conferences. He published research papers in various PG subjects such as POM, MIS and Marketing Management in national & International Journals. Apart from his scholastic work, he is an expert in Industrial field. He acted as a Research Guide for countless number of MBA student in their academic projects and evaluated them, as an External examiner.